Admissions open for Session 2022-23 (LKG to VIII).

Silver Oaks Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to provide the best possible all-round education to each of our students through a comprehensive programme. The aim is to produce inquiring, confident open minded children who are reflective in their thinking, balanced and well disciplined in their behaviour; and grown up to be caring and responsible persons positively engaging with society and the world.

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)


Early childhood is the most important formative phase in a child’s life, our special emphasis is to develop young minds that learn through play, thrive on a fertile imagination, absorb information and experiences from around them.

silver oaks school

Primary School

Silver Oaks School offers a flexible curriculum with integrated assessment for 5-11 year olds. The school sets clear objectives in English, Mathematics and Science skills for each year of primary education.

Our Teacher Leaders

The extremely talented team of our teachers are called 'Learning Facilitators'. Stalwarts in their fields of knowledge, flexibility, commitment and motivational skills, they carry an innate passion, not just to teach, but also to learn. They realise this passion by engaging with the young people. Their flexible student centered approach, meanwhile, facilities learning in its truest sense.

We provide training, resources and a congenial environment for all faculty and staff, so as to achieve our aim of high quality in education.